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How to grow the ring at home from seeds, when to plant them and when to harvest them

How to grow the ring at home from seeds, when to plant them and when to harvest them

The way to grow the ring at home is the theme of the day on the World of Agriculture blog, in which we always offer you many ways and topics related to the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, herbs, trees and plants of all kinds, as well as irrigation, fertilization and plant care until harvest, and many articles on general information on vegetables, fruits and herbs.

The ring is a hury plant of the ring genus and follows the legume species, is grown all over the world, and the ring is widely used in many countries of the world both in eating and in drinks.

The ring contains many health benefits. It is rich in carbohydrates, protein, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, and many other elements. In ancient medicine the ring was used very heavily for healing purposes. It was used to soften solid tumors, and was also used cooked with figs and dates to treat chest pain, cough, asthma, shortness of breath, gas expulsion and menstrual management.

The way to grow the ring of seeds at home (green ring planting)
On today’s theme I will share with you the way to grow the green ring at home, or grow the gravel ring, whatever result you want, meaning that someone wants to get the ring green, and there are those who want to get the yellow ring or gravel, and this is only done through the right harvest date for each method.

I will also share with you the right soil type to grow the ring, how to equip it, as well as the way the ring is properly irrigated to avoid damaging it, as well as sharing the date and method of harvesting the ring.

Ring planting date

The best time to grow the ring is in winter, and you can plant it in one of the following months as it is the best month of the year to grow the ring:

You can grow the ring in October.
You can grow the ring in November.
The right type of soil to grow the ring
It is preferable to grow the ring in light soil, whether yellow soil or light clay soil, and you can use the nursery fertilizer soil (field soil) mixed with sand.
Make sure the soil is free of any saline densities.
Make sure the soil is drained and ventilated.
Before planting, it is recommended to equip and settle the soil and remove any grass or pests from it.
Dig up and stir the soil before planting the ring seeds.

Steps to grow fenugreek from seeds

Bring a pot or whatever container you will be using for planting.
Make sure that your pot or container has holes to drain excess irrigation water, and if not, make your own, to protect the roots from rotting.
Bring two tablespoons of fenugreek gravel.
Stir the fenugreek with some of the soil or sand in an outdoor container.
Spread the fenugreek you mixed with soil or sand over the surface of the soil in the pot.
Water the soil with a watering can until the soil is moist.
Keep the soil moist at all times. You can water the soil only if it starts to dry out. You can always test the dryness of the soil with your fingers.

Method and rate of irrigation of the ring

The fenugreek needs watering at a rate of two to three times every month, during the vegetative growth period.
It also needs watering again during flowering and fruiting growth.
Drip irrigation is the best method, so we recommend using a sprinkler when watering the fenugreek.
Be careful not to irritate the fenugreek, as well as not to overuse the irrigation water.
You can only water the soil when the soil begins to dry out, in other words; You can keep the soil moist only slightly, depending on the weather and the type of soil used, so you can spray on a daily or almost daily basis if you find the soil is starting to dry out.

When the ring will be harvested and how it will be harvested.
The harvest date of the ring varies depending on how it is used, explained as follows:

There are those who want to get a green ring or green plant, in which case the harvest is initially at the growth period of the flower, as the growth period is 5 months after the start of agriculture.
There are also those who want to get yellow ring pills, in which case you must wait after the horns turn yellow and leave them in the sun until they dry completely.
In conclusion, I hope this topic has helped you learn how to grow the ring at home from seeds, how to process soil, irrigation, date and harvest method.

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