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This is what happens if a child is born on the plane and the fate of the mother and child in this case

The period of pregnancy ends with the birth of the expected child. Although it is a difficult moment for the mother, she has been waiting for it eagerly since the beginning of her pregnancy. But what if this moment happened on the plane? Of course, the plane is not the mother’s dream delivery room, but it could happen, and it actually happened in the past. Although there are no official statements, about 60 babies have been born on planes with what is known as “the birth of the sky” or “the birth of the air”. Today, we wanted to reveal what happens if the birth takes place on the plane, and what happens to the mother and child in this case!

1. It is up to the flight crew to determine whether the situation warrants an emergency landing or not

Most airlines take caution from the start and place limits on how long a mother has been pregnant when she travels. Usually, the woman is prohibited from traveling when she reaches the last third of the seventh month, and some companies prevent him from the last third of the ninth month, and this is confirmed by the doctor’s observation, but of course the birth may occur at any moment even after detection and doctors’ assessment of the date of birth.

Although this is rare, if this happens and the woman is in labor, the crew will not have much choice, because in fact the flight attendants have not received any training in the process of childbirth! That’s why everyone hopes to have a doctor or nurse on board. And if luck is not on the mother’s side, here the flight attendants may have to take over and receive the child only if the mother’s condition is stable and the matter does not require an emergency landing, so that the flight simply continues to its normal destination.

2. There is a lot of confusion about the nationality of the newborn

There is no fixed rule about the nationality that will be attributed to the newborn, it depends on several factors, including the airline and the region over which the plane flies. But what is certain is that the child will obtain the same nationality as his mother and father, and in some cases the child may obtain the nationality of the country in which the plane was registered or the place where the plane was flying at the time of birth. For example, if a child is born in any part of American territory, even if it is in the air, he will obtain American citizenship immediately, and this is the opposite of what happens on British soil, if a child is born in British airspace, he will not obtain any British document .


3. Some airlines may give free tickets to a ‘Birth of Heaven’

It is said that a child in heaven gets free tickets from the airline for life, but unfortunately it is not generalized, it only happened with a few children born on a plane, such as a baby born on an Indian airline and a baby born on a flight EgyptAir, and they already got free airline tickets for life. It was a little different with others, where children born on the plane were given free tickets until they reached the age of 21, such as Polar Airlines, Malaysian airline Air Asia, Asia Pacific, and one child from Virgin Atlantic, and in In 2017, a baby boy was born on a Spirit Airlines flight and he was given free birthday tickets for life, but with an extra passenger too!!


4. The plane was renamed in honor of the baby born

In 2019, JetBlue handled the birth of a baby on its plane differently, as everyone on the plane, including the medical staff and all cabin crew, supported and assisted the woman during the moment of her birth thousands of miles in the air. The company renamed the plane “Born to Be Blue” after the baby and their youngest customer ever, and some other companies handled the matter differently, as children received gifts from airlines, for example, in 2018, a baby girl was born on a plane Chick-fil-A, fed for life with the promise of a job when she’s old enough to take up her job.


5. The child’s health may be at risk

Although it may seem an interesting adventure and the newborn may get gifts and privileges, it is certainly not without risks, not all births are smooth, and some cases may require great care, in addition to the fact that the environment of the plane is not ideal for the newborn as well as for the mother, The air at these altitudes is light, which makes it difficult for the newborn to breathe properly, and the newborn’s ear may be damaged due to air pressure, in addition to the fact that the plane is not equipped with any high-tech equipment to assist in the birth process, especially if there is a need to an emergency cesarean delivery.

In all cases, the crew will provide all means of comfort and safety to reduce tension in these moments, and they may do everything they can to make the lady in a better condition, even if this requires her to move to a more spacious area, such as first class or business class.


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The moments of childbirth can be difficult and come by surprise. Tell us, do you have a strange birth story? Do you know the story of a woman who gave birth on an airplane? Let’s imagine together that you have free airline tickets for life, what are the places that you will not hesitate to visit? 🙂

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