Who are we

The first day – a global and local sports news site, which writes about all the important football news, and presents to readers all the working, African, Arab and Asian football news, 24 hours a day. Distinguished editors to provide the full news to the visitor exclusively and uniquely, but the news is presented with all credibility through our site.

The goal of launching the first day website
The first day website was launched in order to monitor all current events inside the stadiums and publish all matches throughout the day and present them to the public exclusively and without any bias to any particular institution, club or team, as the website transmits all news with complete transparency.

Publishing policy on the first day website
– The First Day News website respects all the different rights such as copyright and property rights for all websites and other news press institutions, whether governmental or private institutions, as well as people, as we present the news that is received by the team of correspondents who seek to cover all news and events in the world Arabi.

Contact by phone and private mail:-
Email:YASSER.1989V@GMAIL.COM  Working hours: Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm

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